Discover the ideal complements for your kitchen with our thoughtfully designed accessories. From cutlery inserts and anti-slip mats to customisable pull-out dividers, LED lighting solutions, and more, we provide a wide range of practical and stylish options to enhance your kitchen experience and optimise organisation.

Cutlery Inserts

Available in widths ranging from 300 to 1200 mm, our cutlery inserts come in three distinct designs: solid wood natural oak, translucent graphite “Cuisio,” or plastic orion grey. Effortlessly organise your cutlery right where it’s needed.

Anti Slip Mat

We offer anti-slip mats tailored to fit every drawer and pull-out, providing those small but significant details that ensure everything stays perfectly in place. It’s just another way we’re thinking ahead for your convenience.

Pull Out Divider

Experience our pull-out dividers designed for secure and stable storage of your supplies and crockery, providing an organised solution that keeps your items safe and easily accessible.

Cut Out Edging

Discover our custom-cut edging designed for sink base cabinets, seamlessly integrated with drawers and pull-outs featuring a wooden back panel for a cohesive appearance.


Illuminate your space with our versatile LED lighting options, including dimmable spotlights, light strips, plinth lights, and grip ledge lights with adjustable color temperature, all designed to create the perfect ambiance in your kitchen.

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