Blum Fittings

Our commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology, shared by our partners, drives us to create kitchen furniture that is not only visually stunning but also impeccably functional. We consistently deliver smooth-running, flawless, and user-friendly solutions for the heart of your home.

Pull Out System

As a standard feature in our kitchen furniture, we incorporate the elegant BLUM LEGRABOX pure. Its sleek, linear design and superior materials embody sophistication in motion. We offer drawers and pull-outs in four distinct depths to cater to your specific needs.

Inner Pull Out

Discreet yet present, the BLUM LEGRABOX pure inner pull-outs boast a linear, sleek design and well-defined forms. Revel in the seamless appearance with no gaps between individual components, all while maintaining the same capacity as traditional pull-out systems.


Kitchen hinges endure immense strain, which is why we insist on using only top-quality components. Enjoy gracefully and automatically closing doors in your kitchen, courtesy of the integrated BLUMOTION system. With our choice of hinges, each door is guaranteed to open and close reliably for years to come.

Lift Fittings

Our tall and large wall units offer increased design variety to suit your preferences. The integrated soft-close systems ensure a comfortable and smooth opening and closing experience for wall cabinets and tall units. For added convenience, a powered option with SERVO-DRIVE is available upon request.

Servo Drive

Effortlessly, softly, and quietly open and close drawers, doors, and pull-outs with just a single touch. The elegant and reliable SERVO-DRIVE system ensures seamless operation, even during a power outage.

Tip On

Effortlessly open drawers, doors, and pull-outs with a single touch, courtesy of our simple, elegant, and reliable mechanical opening system – perfect for handleless drawers and pull-outs.

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